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Enterprise Branch
1108 Boll Weevil Circle
PO Box 311990
Enterprise, AL 36331
M-F 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.

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Accounts & Services

Share Account

The share account is fundamental at IAM Community Federal Credit Union. Your share account is your first step in joining our credit union and will serve as your membership account. A one-time membership fee of $5.00 and a deposit of $5.00 is due at the time the account is opened.  You then have access to all other services offered by IAM Community Federal Credit Union.

  • $5.00 Minimum Balance
  • FREE Internet and Phone Banking
  • Quarterly Dividends

Share Draft Account

The share draft account is a checking account that pays dividends.  Enjoy the convenience of our full-service checking account and access your money by check, VISA check card, internet or phone.  The only requirement we have is in your favor - you must have a share account with us.

  • Unlimited Check-Writing
  • Unlimited VISA Check Card Usage*
  • FREE Internet and Phone Banking
  • Senior Advantage checks: 1 Free Box of Senior Advantage checks per year (members 50 and older)

Christmas Club Account

Our Christmas Club Account is an easy way to save money for Christmas. You can open this account anytime and make deposits to it throughout the year. You can even set up a direct deposit from your paycheck. In the 1st week of November, your funds will be deposited into your share account.

  • Annual Dividends
  • Subject to a $10.00 fee for any withdrawal prior to the scheduled withdrawal date.

*If early withdrawal is made, account will be closed and cannot be re-opened until new cycle begins in November. 

Certificate Accounts

We offer a wide variety of certificate accounts, both short- and long-term.  With a minimum balance of $1000.00 you can invest your hard-earned dollars in a higher dividend-yielding account. 
Our dividend rates are subject to change on a weekly basis. 
A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal. 

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

If you are saving for your retirement, you may qualify to take advantage of  the $5000 annual contribution limit to a Traditional or Roth IRA.  If you are retiring or changing careers, you can save taxes and penalties by rolling your 401K or pension funds into an IRA.  IAM Community Federal Credit Union offers both short-term and long-term IRAs. 
Our dividend rates are subject to change on a weekly basis. 
Penalties may apply for early withdrawals. 


Your savings federally insured to
at least $250,000 and backed by
the full faith and credit of the
United States Government Agency

National Credit Union Administration,
a U.S. Government Agency

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